18 Apr 2016 by Rob Sage

The DEVportal is closing down

Win a FREE smartwatch when you sign up to the DEVportal
07 Dec 2015 by Rob Sage

We are giving away a brand new Alcatel OneTouch Smartwatch to one lucky Developer who signs up to the site in the next 2 weeks!

02 Nov 2015 by Rob Sage

We are at WAR! Yes that's right war, a war against recruitment agencies and their reign of terror. Help us beat agencies by making the DEVportal the No.1 site for Developers & Employers to connect directly.

Interview Questions: How To Shine In The Spotlight
10 Apr 2015 by Faye Tyreman

Our simple interview tips that will help you stand out from the competition and nail that key interview.

Contacting Employers Directly: Why And How To Do It
09 Apr 2015 by Faye Tyreman

Sick of recruitment agencies holding you back because you can’t talk to Employers direct? Contacting Employers directly is an extremely powerful way of differentiating yourself from other Developers. Making direct contact with Employers may sound scary but it shows initiative and that all-important genuine interest that all companies are looking for.

How to Catch a ‘Unicorn’ Candidate
06 Mar 2015 by Faye Tyreman

Why holding out for the perfect "unicorn" candidate can lead to missing out on some of the best talent that can provide the biggest long-term benefits to your business.

Recruitment: The £29 Billion Pound Paradox
24 Feb 2015 by Faye Tyreman

The telephone is ringing… you recognise the number on the screen. It is the twentieth call today and you suspect it won’t be the last. You glance longingly – yes, longingly - at the stack of work you have to get through today and take long, calming, deep breath and finally you answer the call to the ‘necessary evil’ at the other end of the line: the recruitment agency. Sadly, this is a scenario familiar to both Developers and Employers.

The CV Is Dead, Long Live The DEVport Profile!
16 Feb 2015 by Faye Tyreman

Everyone cringes at the mere thought of updating their CV. CVs are guilty of being time consuming and monotonous, yet the lack of a practical alternative has forced both Developers and Employers to tolerate their multitude of inherent faults for far too long.

DEVPORTAL: Bringing Developers and Employers Together!
08 Feb 2015 by Faye Tyreman

At DEVport we connect the best and brightest companies with skilled software and web Developers. Our exclusive online marketplace enables Employers to source and directly contact available Developers. Meanwhile, Developers have the advantage of studying organisation profiles to find the best opportunities for them!